Fairmont Homes: The Largest Manufactured Housing Facility in U.S. or Canada 600 acres - 18 plants Home TORONTO SUN FEATURE ARTICLE About Us Prices Pictures References Construction Contact Us Colours and Textures Installation Details Duplex CSA Plans Bungalow CSA Options CSA 14'-16'W Plans CSA 14'-16'W Options FR/H CSA 20' Plans FR/H CSA14"- 20'W Options Bungalow CSA up to 1512 s.f. Bungalow CSA 1600-1900s.f. 4 plex Bungalows CSA 1900-2300 FR/H BungalowPlans FR/H 14'-16' W Plans Wholesale Housing is now Ontario's largest dealer (and Canada's only wholesaler), supplying manufactured housing right across Canada. This fall, 2011, sending homes to British Columbia, Newfoundland, Yukon, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Averaging at least one home every week, throughout the year, to all the provinces. All plans shown are available in the Canadian CSA 277 standard, and certified by Intertek. Homes average 40% less than all other manufactured or stick-built homes in Canada. Get your own Homestead WebsiteWebsite Designed by Bill Allen © 2008 at Homestead™ Make a Website for Your Business